We care for the land.

Go back a few years and you would find the land around The Village of Oakbrook surrounded by farmland and families who had been working the soil for over a century.

The developers of The Village of Oakbrook respect both the historical beauty of this area and the people who live here. That’s why we have made every effort with work with the land and not against it.

As an example of our commitment to the landscape, we have created a 100-acre conservation easement that runs through out The Village of Oakbrook. This land will never be developed and will be used only for the enjoyment of the neighborhood.

The Village of Oakbrook

Running through this greenway is Johnson Brook, deemed a Blue Line waterway by the State of Tennessee. Walking and hiking trails that run along the creek and here and there through White Oak Mountain will also be placed throughout this greenway.

We are taking every precaution to preserve the land of The Village of Oakbrook, both for today and for the future use of the community.

Feel free to contact us about our approach to the environment and how we plan on making the most of this beautiful greenway.