Expand your business. Enjoy a business.

The commercial parcel of The Village of Oakbrook is designed as a walking Main Street with comfortable walkways and colorful boutiques and storefronts.

For the shopper, The Village of Oakbrook will serve as a sanctuary from the scuffle of busy East Brainerd Road. Here, you will be able to find ample parking, do a little window shopping and enjoy a relaxed environment for making your purchases.

For the business owner, East Hamilton County is the fastest growing area in the Chattanooga MSA. To keep up with the demand of the surrounding community, The Village of Oak Brook has completed a number of critical infrastructural requirements to make the community easy for business and relaxed for the shopper.

  • Construction of safe ingress and egress onto East Brainerd Road
  • Installation of a sewer pump station connected to the County’s forced main
  • Design of shared storm detention services
  • Connection of utilities such as gas, fiber and ample water

With over 1,000 feet of frontage on East Brainerd Road, the Village of Oakbrook is the only planned development of its kind in the vicinity.

Farmer's Market, The Village of Oakbrook

In addition, the site is located on the last buildable land parcel before reaching Parker’s Gap, one of only three passes through White Oak Mountain and the most significant artery for traffic traveling from East Hamilton County. Due to the limited nature of access through the mountain, Oakbrook will significantly increase in traffic and visibility as East Hamilton County continues to develop. 

Currently, we are taking business applications for potential commercial tenants.